Thursday, July 15, 2004

Yesterday at 3:27 I became an Aunt

My nephew Evan Ray Currie came into the world screaming his head off after about 25 minutes of pushing on my beautiful sister in law's part. She had an incredible labor. She refused pitocin, refused an Epidural and only had a shot of Stadol to help take the edge off. Evan was 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long. Which is huge for a baby 3.5 weeks early.  Here he is with his loving Aunt Steff . Isn't he precious???
I am totally in love with my wonderful little nephew. I can't wait until he is old enough to play with his cousin Chip (my 2 year old).

My sister in law is going to be the best mother ever!!!  Not to mention how great she looked after a 12.5 hour labor.  Like a model!!!

Here is a photo of their little family. That's my big brother Steven in the Orange hat. The proud Daddy!!! (Not to mention very tired!!!)


Anonymous said...


He is such a little sweetie :)

Chloe (justjaiden)

Toni said...

He is SOOO cute!!! CONGRATS to your entire family!!!