Friday, July 16, 2004

Trying not to get excited

But it's sooo hard!!! My temps have been super high the last 3 morning in a row. I know it's possible that it's because of sleep interuptions and such. Oh but I sure hope they are legitimate temps and mean that my chart is really triphasic this month. I would so love to be pregnant. Not that the TTC hasn't been fun (haha), but come on already. Let's bring on the puking and peeing all the time!!! I think women who have been ttc for a long time or who have had miscarriages are the only women that pray for morning sickness. But really .. I am just ready and raring for some morning sickness.


Toni said...

I hope this is it for you!!! Keep us updated!!

Christine said...

I hear you, Girl! Bring on the puking! (That just sounds weird!!) I hope that this is it for you!!!