Sunday, July 11, 2004

I had quite the exciting night last night

I almost got to be an aunt last night. My mom called about 10pm last night saying she had just got off the phone with my brother and that my sister in law was having contractions and had been spotting blood all day. Well the contractions were like 9 minutes apart and they called the Dr. and he told them to monitor them for an hour and if they kept on coming, got any closer or got more intense to give them a call. Within an hour they were headed to the hospital because they were 6-7 minutes apart and were getting much more intense. My brother had told me that Sharon was a day or two shy of 37 weeks so I got ready and headed to their hospital which was about 2 hours away. Apparently Steve had gotten the weeks wrong because Sharon was just at 36 weeks last night. The nurse put Sharon on the monitor and checked her and she was in real labor it wasn't just Braxton-Hicks. She had started dialating and was 90% effaced and Evan (my nephew's name is to be Evan Ray after my brother and my dad)was engaged and ready to go. The nurse called the Dr. on call and he decided that he didn't want to let the labor to progress so they gave my sister in law a shot of Tirbulen (sp?) and her labor stopped. They ended up discharging her and gave her 3 days of Tirbulen pills. She has to take it every 4 hours for the next three days until she sees her Dr. on Tuesday morning. I am pretty irritated with her Dr. because he didn't even come in to see her while she was there. She will be seeing a different Dr. on Tuesday so hopefully he will show her more attention. The good news is according to all the monitoring Evan is doing outstanding. I was so worried something would go wrong. After my loss and having so many friends who have gone through such terrible heart wrenching losses I am on paranoia over drive until this baby get's here safe and sound. I love my brother and his wife so much and I already love my nephew to be sooooo much that the thought of anything going wrong .. it's just too terrible to think about. My little nephew is a miracle baby. My brother and his wife tried for like 2.5 years to get pregnant with him and I know they were beginning to worry that they may never get have a child. I am so thankful that they are getting to experience all this wonderful stuff. I just hope and pray that little Evan gets here safe and sound. I told Sharon that if she could wait 9 more days Evan could be on my birthday. That would be so awesome.

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