Monday, July 12, 2004

I am so weak!!!

Ugh .. all last cycle I went without buying any HPT or having any in the house. So I didn't test at all last month and just waited for AF to show up on her own. I was so proud of myself!!! It was like being on the testing addict wagon. Well guess what ? I fell off the wagon tonight. We were at the Dollar tree and DH made the mistake of pointing out that they "had pregnancy tests coming out the wazoo" and I saw them .. and automatically my addiction kicked in and I grabbed some. I couldn't help myself. It was like a crack addict needing a fix. I was good though. I limited myself to two. But I promised myself that if I need more I was come back. SICK SICK SICK!!! Where can I sign up for Pregnancy Test Addict Anonomous??? I need an intervention. DH says I should just take a dollar bill out and pee on it and then flush it. He thinks it does pretty much the same thing. And I can't say as I blame him. It's pretty much true.


Sarah said...

sometimes i feel the same way as your DH, but then again testing is too addictive not to stop. good luck though :D

Toni said...

TOTALLY agree with you!! I have the same problem - perhaps will come up with a board for POAS addicts...Hi, My name is Toni and I am an addict!