Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Feeling rough

Between work, all the funeral stuff for my granddaddy, and being in the first trimester well lets just say Stephanie is one tired out puppy. I won tickets to a movie preview this past week at work. The movie is showing Thursday night so I would have had to switch off on Thursday and work tomorrow instead .. I was actually upset to find out I had won the stupid tickets. I was like can  I give them to someone else that wants them. I am just so exhausted from this weekend's events that I really need my day off tomorrow. They were kewl with that. They don't know I am pregnant yet. No one does. Charles and my cousin Tina are the only people in real life that know I am pregnant. I am still scared to tell my family just yet because of last year's loss. Charles gave me a great lead in last night at my mom's and couldn't believe I didn't say anything. But I am just too big of a chicken right now. I am scared that if I start telling people that I will jinx it and that it will all go away. One good thing on the tired ness factor is that my mother and step-father are "kidnapping" Chip (they love and adore him and he adores them) and taking him back to Georgia with them for a week or two. Being that I am so exhausted right now I jumped on the offer when they said that. Plus that gives Charles a chance to finish remodelling the house. He has the living room to paint and our bedroom left. It's impossible to remodel with a 2 year old underfoot. So we take advantage of my mom's offer to keep Chip when we can so he can work on the house. The kitchen and Chip's room we did the last time they had him.

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Toni said...

Glad to hear that you're getting a break - good for you!! Sorry to hear about all the funeral stuff - it's no fun...rest, take it easy and relax. And keep the pregnancy a secret until you're ready to tell - or you get so big that everyone starts wondering :)