Thursday, September 02, 2004

Watching a Baby Story

And I am thinking of Getupgrrl! Today's show is about a couple who couldn't carry a baby to term on their own so they found a wonderful surrogate .. they ended up also using a donar egg (after two failed attempts with the woman's eggs :( ) and they are getting ready to great their beautiful baby. The couple and the surrogate and her husband and family have become very close. The mother to be is so awesome. She has even go through the process of lactating. She said she couldn't carry the baby in her womb but that she could and would do this for her baby. The Dr. proscribed her some medicine and put her on b/c pills to try to trick her body into thinking she was pregnant and then she started pumping and WALLAH she is now producing milk and just awaiting the arrival of her baby to be. I am soooo excited for this woman. And I am hoping and praying that Getupgrrl will soon be in this woman's shoes and be awaiting the arrival of her healthy baby!!! Sending good luck with her possible surrogate !!! I am pulling for her so hard.


Christine said...

I saw that too and cried the entire time! What an amazing story!

Newmomin05 said...

Its such an incredible gift these surrogates give, I have to admire that. I don't know if I could go through that, its amazing.