Monday, September 20, 2004

So I have passed my former loss mark

We found out at 11w4d that we had lost our last baby. I had my D&E at 11w6d. I am officially 12w1d now with this baby .. and on this past Monday we saw our beautiful jumping and flipping baby. It feels surreal to have made it past that humongous milestone. Only 6 more days and I will no longer be in the first trimester. I am already starting to not feel quite as bad. Although I am still tired constantly. The nausea hasn't been quite so bad. And my breasts haven't been quite as sore. I think I am reaching a point where the diminishing symptoms are being contributed to the 2nd trimester approaching rather than jumping to the conclusion that something is wrong with the baby. Now I am not saying that all my worries are gone.. but just that I seem to be relaxing and seeming to be able to accept this pregnancy with out so many reservations.

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Mias2Angels said...

You are almost there Robin!! Second trimester, here you come!! Congrats on the milestone, but I am sorry about your lost angel (((HUGS)))