Sunday, September 05, 2004

10 Weeks!!!

I can't believe I am 25% of the way through. I am still having bouts of nausea, my breasts are HUGE (they need their own zipcode) and I still have major fatigue. I can't believe only 3 more weeks to go until the second trimester. I so hope I make it this time. If I make it to the second trimester I think I will be able to relax a little bit. My friends online keep selling all these adorable baby cloths .. and I have had to really restrain myself. I am trying my best not to buy anything until we have the big ultrasound where we find out boy or girl. My MIL and my mom are convinced the baby is a girl. But I am trying to think boy. I don't want to get my hopes built up on a girl and then be crushed. So I am thinking boy (boys are wonderful! My son Chip is my life!) until I know differently. I will be thrilled if we have a girl though. I really thought Chip was a girl and was soooo surprised when he turned out to be a boy. This time I think I will be thrilled either way.


Jennifer said...

Well, you know I'm having boy #2, and this is our LAST child. I wasn't 'crushed', but a teeny-tiny weepy, if it isn't too mean to admit that!
BUT...I'm the same way as you! I LOVE being a mom of a boy!
It just means I will always be queen of my house! I'll always be the baker, the chef, the listener. I can't WAIT!
BUT, I hope you are having a girl...because it seems you really want one!
And if you ARE having a boy, we'll have lots more to talk about! :)

Mias2Angels said...

Hey there. Found your blog by way of another and I have seen you around FF. I had to LOL at your breasts needing their own zip code. I'm an quite large in that area too. Crossing my fingers for a sweet baby girl for you!