Saturday, September 04, 2004

I don't have Gestational Diabetes !!! WOO HOO

I have been so tired lately that I hadn't gotten a chance to write about flunking my one hour GD test on Wednesday. I was really stressed about it because Diabetes runs on both sides of my family and I am plus size which sure doesn't help my chances of getting it any. That's the reason they tested me at like 9 weeks where most people get tested much later on in their pregnancy. I had to go and take the 3 hour test yesterday. Good lord it should be illegal to make a pregnant woman with morning sickness go 12 hours without eating or drinking then make her drink Sunkist on crack and then expect her to not vomit for 3 hours. I was sooooo sick. I ended up spending an hour laying down in a dark exam room trying my best not to hurl. If I had hurled I would have had to do it all over again. Well luckily I didn't throw it back up, and all my numbers came back good. So I am in the clear for the moment. I will have to take it again around 28 weeks .. lucky me. I requested that I skip the 1 hour since I always fail it anyways and just skip straight to the 3 hour so I don't have to drink that stuff twice. It's funny I used to love Sunkist .. but after this experience I may never be able to drink an orange soda again.

Oh and my appt is scheduled for 9/13 (one year and one day after my D&E .. fun fun fun). I will be 11w1d ... last year I found out my baby had died at 11w4d .. if you pray .. please pray that the ultrasound finds a healthy baby with a beatiful heartbeat this time.


Toni said...

I will definitely be praying!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Toni!!! I am scared and excited at the same time.

Christine said...

You've certainly got my thoughts and prayers.

Jennifer said...

DEFINETLY praying!
That is going to be a hard wait for you, but we're here to keep you busy! POST away! :)