Monday, January 22, 2007

Sometimes it's good to question your proffessors

Proffessors are humans just like everyone else .. and sometimes it's good to question them. Week before last I had a quiz in my college algebra class and the teacher graded it wrong and I knew it had the right answer and I went to her and showed her that she marked another woman's right and mine wrong. She fixed it so I gained 10 points back on my quiz.

Well Friday we took our SCT 100 quiz and there was one question on the test that wasn't in any of the reading material, excersizes or prequizes that we had taken so afterwards I went to the professor. This one question kept my test from being a 100 and dropped it down to 96. Well he went and looked and pretty much everyone in the entire class missed the question because it wasn't from the units we were studying. So everyone who missed the question got their 4 points back. YEAH!!! So now I still have a perfect score in that class. We've had 2 tests and one quiz so far in that class and I've made 100s on each of them.

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