Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Man this burns my biscuits

Okay so my brother was involved in that shooting last year the day after Skyla's birthday, and then he saved the old man from the train. Well he got two awards for it. First officer in the history of Thomasville to get both awards in one year. My brother's name is Steve Currie .. or Officer Currie.

Well Lexington's paper did a nice article about all the police officers who recieved the award. Here's the nice article:


In less than a week later .. the editor of the paper wrote this nasty letter:

Makes me want to send a nasty letter to the editor. My brother risks his life every day for the people of Thomasville. Heck he doesn't even live in Thomasville. He has saved several lives this year and was awarded because of it .. and now this little podunk news editor wants to disparrage them getting awards because of it? Police get so little rewards as it is. Why not just let them bask in the fact that someone is giving them a little appreciation.

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