Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas to everyone (Happy Holidays no matter what Holiday you celebrate!!! I know I have some Jewish readers also!)

This has been a very interesting Christmas. The first Christmas in 27 years that I haven't done the whole family thing. It's just Charles, Chip, me and ofcourse we can't forget baby Skyla (she won't let me forget .. lol .. she keeps kicking me .. she's gonna be a martial artist or a Rockette one with all these high kicks).

There are several reasons for why we aren't doing the family thing. For one my mother is in Georgia with her husband and his kids (a whole nother post there!!! GRRRR.. I can't get over how she keeps asking me when I am coming to see their new house!!! Um hello mom .. did you forget I'm on bedrest to try keep me and your only granddaughter safe and sound and maybe a 6 hour car ride isn't the best thing in the world for us right now?). My brother is spending his little boys first Christmas at their house in Greensboro, which is totally understandable, their first Christmas only comes once. As for all the other family functions that we have been invited to that we are skipping alot of it has to do with the bedrest and my low sodium diet. I stay so tired and exhausted all the time and I am not supposed to really do anything so traveling to family members places and doing the whole loud hectic Christmas thing well it would probably be too much for me this year. Not to mention thanks to my diet .. I couldn't eat anything anyone cooked if we did go .. because no one on either sides of our families does the whole low sodium thing .. so it would totally be torture for me not getting to eat anything. I tried eating at Thanksgiving thinking one meal wouldn't kill me .. it sent my blood pressure sky high and I got dizzy and almost threw up. So I learned my lesson then. Another reason is we have been having crazy weather in NC lately .. hot cold hot cold and it's prime sick weather and with the flu going around and me still not having been able to get my flu shot we just didn't want to risk it. After miscarrying 4 days after getting the flu last year .. well we are a little paranoid .. even though I am much farther along now with Skyla .. we are just scared to take a chance.

I am a little sad not to be seeing so much of my family this year .. some of which I only get to see once or twice a year anyways. But all in all .. knowing that I have my wonderful husband here with me, my son who is the light of my life , and Skyla my little miracle growing strong inside my belly .. I have everything I ever wanted for Christmas this year.


Toni said...

Merry Christmas Stephanie, Charles, Chip and little Skyla...grow baby grow (and stop making Mama's bp rise!).

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,
I'm 30 weeks pregnant with baby Lucy. I was so excited to hear you're having a girl too! :) Do you think about her all the time? I do! ;)


Stephanie said...

Rachel congratulations on your daughter Lucy :) Love that name! Makes me think of the song Lucy in sky with diamonds. As for thinking of my daughter .. she's on my mind all the time. After my ultrasound the other day, it makes her seem so real and makes me want to meet her in person so bad. I can't wait to get to hold her in my arms. There is no greater feeling than when they hand you your baby for the first time. It's the most amazing love ever possible. They just take over your heart. I loved Chip from the moment the stick came up with 2 lines I didn't think I could love him any more, but when they placed him in my arms I think my heart swelled about 4 times the size of normal. I know that as much as I love this little girl, when I get to hold her and look into her eyes my heart will be overflowing again with love.

Kether said...

Stephanie OMG I just saw how far along your ticker is--I mean look how close to 30 weeks you are! How exciting!!