Friday, December 10, 2004

Yesterday's crappy Dr. appt

Still don't really know anything. Yesterday's appt SUCKED A$$. Charles and I dropped Chip off at Melissa's house to play with the girls for what we thought would be a couple hours (Melissa was so sweet to keep him!!!) so we could go to the appt. and find out whether or not they were going to put me on BP meds. First off I peed in the cup. They took my BP .. it was 142 over 82 which wasn't as bad as on Tuesday but still not great. Then they tell me that I still have protein in my urine and now I have large Keytones and that I am dehydrated and need to drink lots of water. So they make me drink water. Then it's well over an hour and a half before we get seen by the resident Dr. We talk to her and she goes over all my medical history and how I am doing .. and she listens for the baby. Sneaky baby .. still took over 20 minutes to find with the doppler but sounded great. Then regular Dr. came in .. and we talked some more about my medical history. They still don't know yet whether they want to put me on meds yet. They want a more conclusive test on the proteins. They made me pee in a cup again before leaving. Then they wanted a 24 hour urine collection. But at this point it's too late in the day to do so. So they schedule me for today to come in. Then she want's blood work. So they send me to the lab for labwork. Well the lab was backed up because of only one woman there and they were having problems with something that had happened a week before and lab results getting lost (great huh? real reassuring). So she called for another phlebotamist. When finally it gets my turn I apologize in advance for any trouble my veins give her. So she sticks the needle in .. then has to dig around because the vein rolled. She finally get's the vein. Gets about a vile and a half of blood (they wanted like 4 viles) and the vein collapses. So then she had to stick me in the main vein in my hand. OUCHIES!!! It hurt really bad. But she was able to get the rest of the blood. So by the time all this was over ... we had spent 4.5 hours at Duke. I felt so bad that we had been gone so long but I hadn't stuck Melissa's phone # in my purse (DUMB ME!!) and couldn't call her to let her know what was going on. So we go pick up Chip. Apologize to Melissa for not calling and letting her know what was going on. We head home .. My explorer starts over heating (this is wondeful because Charles's car needed fixing but he hadn't fixed it because he was going to Dr. with me). So he started fixing the broken hose on my explorer this morning. He gets it all put back together and then test drives it .. and realizes another hose is broken. ARGH .. So I had to call and cancel my appt for today, and reschedule it for Monday because that would give Charles time to fix the car this weekend. Well when I called the receptionist said I can get you an appt for the 17th!!!! I was like look my Dr. wants to see me ASAP .. I'm only not going today because I have no ride!!! I said let me speak to my Dr. since you can't seem to help me. She was like I can't do that, but I can let you speak to the Nurse line. So she transfers me and I get the voice mail for the nurse. So the nurse calls me back in like 5 minutes (now that's some service .. normally at other places it takes like an hour to get a call back). The nurse was very sweet and said that she could get me in at 8:45 am on Monday. She did tell me that my labwork looked good from yesterday but Dr. still wanted me to come back in on Monday. So there's my story .. we still don't have any news really about whether I'm going to be on BP meds or not. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.


Toni said...

I hope this turns out to be nothing. So sorry about the bad luck with the cars. That does suck.

Keep us updated!!!

Anonymous said...

HI there, I am Stephanie M, and I just found your blog. So sorry you are on bedrest and have high BP. I too am pregnant, and am having a scheduled c/s on dec 16th. We lost our 2nd and 3rd babies, stillbirth at 31 weeks and a miscarriage at 7 weeks. We have one living child who is almost 7. So I am pretty nervous this time around, considering all the secondary infertility stuff we've been thru as well. Something about your story struck me, as very similar to mine, so I just wanted to say hi, and I am reading and hoping all goes well for you!

Anonymous said...

I just started a blog myself and was inspired by yours! I am 28 weeks pregnant and need to go see a cardiologist tomorrow for a racing heart... I will have you in my prayers!!!!!!!!! Keep us all updated.


Toni said...

I hope everything's okay Stephanie...just checking in on you!