Monday, October 11, 2004

My most embarrassing moment

Ok I posted this as a reply on another blog (for getupgrrl) since she was talking about bad things that have happened. I posted this to make her most embarrassing moment not seem so bad. I figured since I had share it on her blog I should be brave enough to post it on my blog too. So here is my story about me in my most humiliating experience to date.

"Ok you asked for humiliating stories and yours was a camp one .. so I will give you one too. Might make you feel better about your story not being so bad.

Okie for some reason my parents decided that I was to big a tomboy and to send me to an all girl summer camp for 2 freaking weeks. The funny thing it was a girl scout camp. Hello? I wasn't a girl scout!!! Okay .. well there were no boys in the camp and only 2 male camp councilors (file this away it will be important at the end of the story). Okay I have never been the kind of person to like roughing it.. not even as a kid. We had these outdoor communal showers that we made to have 4 seperate outdoor showers but all of the bottoms of the showers were one peice and in the middle there was a drain where the water ran down. Well I totally didn't get groovy with the outdoor shower thing but it was my only option. I had avoided it the first 3 days of camps just because I didn't like the idea at all. But it was summer time, and hot and muggy being that it's the south and all, so there came a night where I just couldn't put it off any longer. I'm standing there in all of my buck naked 12 year old chubby glory and soaping my hair. When all of a sudden I look down and what do I see? A huge freaking water moccasin swimming towards my left big toe. Okay so I did what any other 12 year old girl would do. Scream "Snake!!!!!!!!!!!" at the top of my lungs and go hauling butt running out of the showers with 3 other naked preteen girls following right along behind me. This was traumatic enough but it get's worse. Apparently the only 2 males on the whole freaking camp had been riding around in a car checking on a campsite nearby and heard the histarical screaming coming from our camp and came "riding" to the rescue only to be greeted by the sight of 4 naked screaming crying soaking wet covered in shampoo preteen girls. They needless to say unassed the area quickly. I am sure they were worried about getting in trouble just being around 4 naked young girls. We were all traumatized .. first by the snake, then by being seen naked by our male councilors and then we had a female camp councilor (from England no less) go inspect the showers .. well Gee by then the snake was gone (wouldn't you have left with all the screaming too???) and She comes back tries to convince us that there was no snake, and that there were no water snakes in Johnston County (which was where the camp was). I looked at her and was like excuse me .. but I have lived here my whole life and I happen to know for a fact that water snakes do live in this part of the county because my uncle killed one in front of me last summer beside my granddad's pond. I've lived here 12 years and you've been here what 2 months??? I never lived the snake thing down because the camp councilor kept denying that there ever was a snake .. but I freaking know what I saw."


Anonymous said...

STEPHANIE - OMG....It is possible that we were at the SAME girl scout camp. Was this in Missouri by chance???????????????????????
Mandy (

Stephanie said...

Nope it was in NC. It was camp Mary Atkins. But that's funny that you went to girl scout camp too. I take it you girls had the awful outdoor showers too? Yick. I think that place is still the reason I dislike the outdoors. That an the fact that I am allergic to sunblock (and I am a fair skinned red head to boot) and allergic to mosquito bites as well. UGH.

Anonymous said...

I would have totally freaked out! And see your parents thought you were a tomboy - but the fact that you didn't like roughing it and are afraid of snakes, proves that you had a girly side.

Mias2Angels said...

I agreew with Lynn. A real tom-boy would have just kicked it aside or threw it out of there. LOL at your story, not the naked 12-year-old you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, this is ErikaL

Steff that is one of the funniest humiliation stories I have heard to date. You poor thing. Don't you wonder why people discredit young women? Like why did that counselor assume that there was no snake? Why on earth would you make it up? So that you could run your 12 year old naked self out of the shower? I think not. Makes me mad for you hun.

;) Erika