Monday, October 11, 2004

My 15 week Prenatal Visit

We have a date for our big u/s. Doing the Happy Dance!

I am so excited!!! It's two weeks from today!! And the day before my dad would have been 58. I am hoping that is a good omen for us and that everything will be perfect and we will find out the sex. I had my appt today. Apparently the headaches I have been having (bad all day long ones) are vascular headaches your arteries get bigger when pregnant because of the extra blood volumn and in your skull their is no where for them to stretch out to. So she (the Midwife I saw today whom I really liked) prescribed me to take 2 extra strength tylenol, 2 sudafed and drink a coke or pepsi and then go lay down in a dark room. We couldn't hear the heartbeat yet (darn my fat belly) but since I have been feeling the baby move and we have the big ultrasound coming up soon she didn't do an ultrasound.

And I turned down the AFP test today . Anyone else decide not to take it? I just feel with the high rate of false positives that it's not worth taking it for me. So many of my friends have been scared to death by that test and worried needlessly. Plus any of the things it's testing for really wouldn't make a difference for me. I am much more comfortable waiting for my big ultrasound and them looking at things and telling me from there. If our baby has problems we will deal with it, it wouldn't change things for me. I know some people choose to terminate for various reasons and I understand that, but after going through my loss last year and having a D&E I just don't think I could emotional handle making that kind of decision.

Oh and I also made the decision for them not to test me at 36 weeks for GBS again because I was positive with my son. I just told them to go ahead and give me the antibiotics and go on.

We also went over my Preeclampsia history and my c-section history and the fact that I really want the chance to go for a VBAC this go round. She like the Dr. I saw last time feels that my risks are lower this time for the preeclampsia and if we can avoid that this time that I am a great candidate for VBAC. I made it very clear that I was very set on doing what was best and safest for me and the baby and that if things went well that VBAC was the way to go, but in the case of complications I was prepared for the possibility of a repeat c-section.

I really really feel good about today's appt. And I am getting really excited about this ultrasound coming up.


Toni said...

I'm excited for you guys!!! I think it's a girl. Just a feeling I have. I guess we'll see in 2 weeks!!

Kether said...

So glad all went well. I'm starting to notice that Toni thinks everyone's is a girl =) you've already got a boy, though, so a girl would be much cute stuff to buy!
Sending more prayers and positive thoughts your way!

Stephanie said...

lol .. a girl would be great. I am in severe need of some pink and lacey stuff. Having one boy I need some girlie genes added to the household or I will be severely out numbered.