Sunday, October 03, 2004

14 weeks today.

Warning .. Sappy pregnancy post .. if you don't want to "hear it" please leave now!! You have been warned!!!

Wow .. things are really starting to sink in. I feel like we are actually going to get a baby this time. God I hope so. I am actually no longer thinking the bad thoughts .. like will I miscarry today? I am actually starting to be able to look forward to April. I actually picked out a beautiful crib the other day (we got rid of Chip's about 8 months ago) and my mother bought it for me on ebay. My mother rocks!!! You can see it here :

I also have started looking at bedding. And have picked out a boy bedding :

and a girl bedding:

So I should be ready for either answer we get at our big 18 week ultrasound!!!

As long is the baby isn't bashful and hides the goods.


Kether said...

I'm *so* happy for you!! The crib is beautiful and so are the sets of bedding! I *LOVE* the fairy one..Oh well, maybe someday I'll have a girly girl!
My prayers are with you to continue and find peace so that you can relax into the second tri!

Mias2Angels said...

Hehehehe, I guess that means you'll be finding out the gender! I hope he/she shows the goods! I love the crib and both bed sets. The fairy's are too cute! You are entitled to all the sappy pregnancy posts you want girl! It's YOUR blog and srew those who don't want to hear your good news =)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you on your u/s.. And a note regarding anonymous posters..go back to your account set up and change it so that anonymous posters can not post comments. (I will apologize now for doing it, but I am a private person and certainly not criticizing you here..only trying to help)