Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I have been sucking lately

I have to apologize for my crappy non blog posting of late. Between going to visit my mom for two weeks with the kids and dealing with Skyla's seperation anxiety and dealing with my own PPD I just haven't been up to posting.

I will try to do much better.

I am feeling way better about myself. I am working out, I went on a diet, Charles sent me on a shopping spree for some new clothes and such ( I got 3 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, a nightie, a pair of kick ass boots, and a necklace all for like 150$ go me!) and I am starting to feel like a new mama. Oh yeah and I got my hair cut and styled some. I am thinking of getting highlights done too.

The weight is starting to come off too. I right now weight less than I have in about 11 years!!! Charles and I were snuggling in bed last night and he said "wow baby you are really losing because I keep going to grab for something and there's nothing there" LOL .. MEN!

Skyla is doing great. She just got her ears peirced a week and a half ago. She did soooooo good with it. She cried less getting her ears peirced than she does getting her shots. She looks like a little princess with her little "diamond" earrings. My mom bought her a pink and denim purse with a little dog Sticking it's head out she holds on to it all the time now. I keep teasing Skyla that she's going for the Paris Hilton look. Any day now I expect her to say "That's hot!". LOL .. j/k.

Chip is doing great. He's 3.5 and soooo cute. He went to see the Wiggles in Concert with his Nana and her neighbors (Lisa my age and her daughter Jordan whose 2.5).

Oh and did I mention the fact my baby boy is IN LOVE??? WAH!!! I thought we'd atleast make it to 10 before this happened. Every day he tells me "Mama I'm going to marry Jordan." I can't say I blame his taste .. Jordan is gorgeous and sooooo sweet. They are well matched. If they do grow up and get married I am going to have the cutest grandbabies EVAH!!!


Linda said...

Glad to see you posting!!

Yay for new clothes and for losing weight. Keep up the great work!!

You will have to post some recent pics of Skyla, I am sure she is getting so big.

That is too cute about Chip and his new love.

Kari said...

A few new outfits can work wonders. They always make me feel brand new. Congrats on the weight loss. I'm glad your posting again!

Kether said...

There you are!

Welcome back.

SOunds like things are going really well for you! I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Kether said...

Uhm you haven't posted since like LAST YEAR!

Happy New Year!

rach said...

Picture please!
Don't you have a little girl turning one on my anniversary?