Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Being the mother of 2

Wow .. feels so weird to say that. For so long I have just had Chip. Being the mother of 2 so far has been an AMAZING experience. Skyla is night and day different as a baby than Chip was. She is so tiny and dainty and delicate compared to him (he weighed 9lbs 1oz at birth and was HUGE).

Skyla had her 2 week dr. appt this Monday and she is up to 8lbs 5oz (she started out at 8lbs 3oz) and gaining an average of 1/2 an ounce a day :) YEAH!!! All on mommy milk which makes me feel great. With Chip we had supply issues and he just never gained quite right and by 5.5 months we had to suppliment with formula to keep up with him. I have so much more milk with Skyla and she is already showing a trend of gaining better than he did, so hopefully we won't have to suppliment with her.

Chip is an INCREDIBLE big Brother. He loves Skyla so much. He lets us know every move she makes, every sound. We hear all day long "Baby awake" "Baby asleep" "Baby Happy" "Baby crying". He also likes to give her kisses and then he says "I love you Kyla" (still working on trying to get him to pronounce the S) which totally melts our heart. He also helps out with diaper changes. The other night I was trying to get her to sleep, she was in the swing but the batteries weren't working so Chip was pushing the swing and singing to her "Sleep baby sleep" over and over. He has matured soooooo much since we brought her home. It's an amazing thing.

My main issue is lack of sleep. I have a toddler that won't sleep during the day and a newborn who won't sleep at night .. so where does that leave me??? REALLY FARKING TIRED. Other than that .. I am on cloud 9.

Now if I could just get my house clean before my company comes on Friday I won't be such a basketcase.


Stephanie said...

oh Stephanie, do I soooo hear you on the sleep depravation issues!!!!
They never tell you how the first 6-8 weeks are total hell of sleeplessness, because you forget soooo fast, because you are in SUCH love with your baby!!!
Chip sounds like such a cute big brother!! I am so happy for you!
Mama's Milk!! That's right!!!
You go girl!!!
I'd love to see some family pics one of these days!! Of all 4 of you together!!!!
HUGS and congrats a million times, again!
The Other Stephanie

Linda said...

So glad you updated! I am glad things are going so good (well, except for the sleep deprevation)and Chip seems like an awesome big brother. Looking forward to seeing some new pics!

Kathy said...

Poor Mama!!! I hope you get some rest soon.

Don't worry about the house...any guests should understand you have a newborn.