Monday, February 21, 2005

Skyla had her first NST today

And according to the NST tech and I quote "Your daughter is beautiful!!!". Apparently she behaved herself very well today despite my fears. Skyla has a history of being hard to track down so I worried that it would be stressful. However Marie had a bead on her within 30 seconds of putting her hands on my belly. Marie said she likes to see atleast 2 accelerations (where the little line jumps up) in the 20 minutes that they monitor the baby. Miss Skyla had 3 accelorations within the first 4.5 minutes I was on the monitor. She continued to perform her little feets for the rest of her 20 minutes. Marie said she lost count of how many accelorations there was so many. Already she is an overachiever! Must get it from her daddy! So then we go and check the fluids surrounding her on the ultrasound. The tech said we have plenty of amniotic fluid right now so she did well on that too. Then I waited for like 45 minutes to wait to work me into get to see the Dr. because of my upper respiratory infection. Well I finally get into see the Dr. and she says she doesn't want to give me any antibiotics and to get some Robitussen to help make it easier. BLAH. I was like gee I waited 45 minutes for this??? She did talk with me about Skyla's size. She said that it wasn't even worth measuring my belly since last week I was measuring 41 weeks already. She said that she wanted another ultrasound on Thursday for a growth scan to see how big she is right now. She told me that back at 29 weeks when Skyla measured 3lbs 8oz she was already in the 80th %tile and that once a baby hit 90th %tile they are then considered to have macrosomia (basically it just means .. really big baby). I told her I knew this all because Chip was born weighing 9lbs 1oz at 3 days early. She said that when a baby measured to have macrosomia they liked to induce but because of my history of c-section that they wouldn't want to do that. I told her I was aware of that. I let her know that I realize that I have to go into labor naturally .. or either I end up with a c-section. There aren't really any other options at this point. She seemed to understand that I have done my research and I know the pros and cons about everything and I mentioned the fact with Skyla being a female that hopefully even if she is big she won't be built like a linebacker like her big brother was at birth. She said that's a good point because girl babies and boy babies tend to be built differently. It should be very interesting to see how big she is Thursday. I am feeling huge and miserable .. and everyone keeps telling my my belly is sticking out farther with Skyla than I was with Chip at the end and I am only 34 weeks, so it's a little daunting. But whatever size she is. She is almost here!!! I can't wait!!! 7 weeks at the most. I know they won't let me go over more than a week past my due date without wanting to do a c-section. So we are down to short time!!!

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Toni said...

It's so close!!! :) Hope she's not as big as they think she is :)