Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Lots of new stuff on the pregnancy front

Okie .. so first off I finally broke down and tried to find some bras that would fit me without having to go online to order them. I found some. Only problem is I can't even fathom the size I had to get to fit in them. I about passed out. I am now wearing 48 DDD (no that's not a type D times THREE .. holy crap) bras. I did find some pretty ones amazingly enough though. I just can't seem to get over the size. It's daunting. I am D normally, with Chip my boobs didn't get huge until my milk came in .. not sure what's going on with them this pregnancy. Let's hope it means I'm going to be a milk machine when it comes to nursing this time (wouldn't that be nice???).

As for my appt yesterday .. it got off on the wrong foot. She started taking my blood pressure and she looks at me and goes "what is your normal blood pressure?" now to any one who has ever had Pregnancy induced hypertension in the past that turned into preeclampsia .. you NEVER want to hear this phrase .. EVER. I said well it's been running about 120 something over 70 something. My blood pressure yesterday when she first took it was 150/70!!!! The nurse was freaking out. I was upset. She made me lay down and rest and asked me questions about how things were going and she took my blood pressure again. It was down to 130/78 .. better .. but still not my normal BP. I am sooo hoping and praying that this was because I have been sick all week. I am trying to figure out how the heck if I get PIH so early this time how I am going to spend like 15 weeks on bedrest with a 2.5 year old!!!! So now I have to start taking my BP between appts and keeping a BP diary, and instead of waiting 4 weeks to come back .. they want me back in 3 weeks. Oh yeah and low sodium diet comes back for Stephanie. FUN FUN FUN!!!

As for the rest of the appt. My uterus is right where it's supposed to be. We finally heard the heart beat via doppler (we couldn't hear it at 15 weeks) and she really had to track him/her down to find it too. But that little swoosh swoosh sound was the best sound ever .. well next to hearing that first cry.


Toni said...

Congrats on the heartbeat. Sorry to hear about the low salt diet. Ugh. Not even sure what you would eat.

Good luck dear. Hopefully you were just anxious to hear the heartbeat!

Mias2Angels said...

I do hope and pray that it doesn't turn into something serious Stephanie! Stay true to that low sodium diet and rest when you can. (((((((((HUGS))))))))))