Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My new neurosis

Okay .. I go to the Dr. to get my official test and everything on Friday. Not sure when I will actually go in for a real appt. after that. But for some reason today it's been driving me crazy .. what if the pregnancy isn't going well .. what if my HCG has dropped. I kept thinking .. I haven't puked yet .. my boobs aren't quite as sore as they were last week. What if what if what if. It's enough to drive ya batty. So today I ran and grabbed another pregnancy test. THANK GOD for Dollar Tree tests!!! This is the 4th one I have taken so far. So I take it .. I swear that is the fastest positive pregnancy test I have ever seen!!!! I mean the second line was DARK PINK before the first line was even wet. So that reassured me and made me feel like a ninny at the same time. So the news for today .. I am STILL PREGNANT !!! Woo hoo. This is gonna be the longest first trimester in history. I say a little prayer on a regular basis every day. "Please God let my baby be okay. Let him or her be healthy and a sticky baby. Please let me go home from the hospital in 8 months with a healthy baby." This is my daily prayer. Oh yeah and my new favorite friend is GINGER ALE .. This stuff is the only thing that seems to help me get rid of the "I need to yack" all day feeling. And what's with the runny nose and extra saliva? I took a shower this morning and ever since .. my nose has been running like a race horse.


Toni said...

I don't remember the runny nose...but I do remember ginger ale. One of the few things that I ate/drank when I was sick that I was still able to eat afterwards :)

Sounds like everything is going well - I'm excited for you...and hope to join you soon!!!

(Thanks for the post today - made me feel much better!!)

Jennifer said...

My nose has been runny this whole pregnancy! I ate chips and salsa today, and BOY was that not a good idea! ha ha!!!
I'm totally praying for you, and I know you know i felt the same way. Its such a good feeling though, really letting go and knowing there is nothing you can do either way but be healthy and trust that all will go well.
I think things WILL go well with you this time sweetie!
Try to relax, and know we're all praying for you, OK!!

Christine said...

I peed on many sticks! Even up to 6 weeks or so! Do whatever it takes to get you through.

Snot & saliva--got it, too.

Try sea bands for the nausea. They are helping me a lot. You can find them at any drugstore.

Also, ginger snaps and tea for breakfast. It's mild and it will bring your blood sugar up.

Keep sticking, Little One!!

MISS SHIT said...

Hi. I believe I remember you from DIM and was happy to see you on the DIA board. Good luck with your pregnancy.