Saturday, August 07, 2004

Be wary of what you wish for

I woke up this morning and was freaking because I wasn't nautious. Now couple hours later I am so nautious I can barely contain myself. But that's okay. I know it's weird to pray for nausea but after having a miscarriage .. any pregnancy symptom is something to cling to.

Today I am 6 weeks pregnant. If I can make it 6 more weeks and everything be okay .. I think I will calm down some. I found out at 11w4d that my baby no longer had a heartbeat, after having had one for 3 weeks, my last pregnancy. So my goal is to make it over the 12 week goal line and hopefully this pregnancy will be a sticky one.

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Toni said...

I missed reading your blog (on vaca until today). Glad to hear that you're still sick. I hope it stays!!!