Thursday, August 12, 2004

My mom and my brother know now.

They were happy. I ended up not doing anything special .. shame on me .. but I have felt like crap lately so haven't done anything much except work and sleep. We were all watching Chip and I was like so do you like him enough that you think you are ready for another one? and My mom looked at me and goes .. are you pregnant? and I said yep. I told her how far along I was and she was like you kept this a secret for this long. I explained to her that I had found out about the baby the day before my granddad died and I didn't think that that was a good time to break the news .. and that I hadn't wanted to tell them over the phone I had wanted to tell them in person. They were excited. Mom told Charles and said he had better had made sure that this time was a girl .. we all laughed and said .. it's probably a boy. She said oh well if he is anything like his big brother he will be the perfect child.

After they left I talked to my SIL on the phone and I went ahead and spilled the beans to her so that mom wouldn't have to worry about keeping it a secret when they went to see them. Not sure how my brother is taking it. He stills see me as this 13 year old girl that I was when he moved out and went to college. He had a hard time getting used to me getting married and having Chip .. and now this is my 3rd pregnancy .. so I am sure it's a little uncomfortable for him to think about. The kewl thing is I got pregnant with this little baby about a week before his son was born .. so Evan and this little baby (either Skyla or Cage) will be about 9 months apart .. give or take.

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