Thursday, June 07, 2007

I dream of Dead People

This morning I woke up very disoriented and with many questions. First I should start off by saying that I almost never remember my dreams. I either a). don't dream , b). am so boring in my dreams it's not worth remembering or c). dream of such scentilating stuff that my waking conscience doesn't allow me to remember it (that sounds alot more exciting of the choices doesn't it? Unfortunately, I feel it must be the former rather than the latter choice).

Upon waking this morning, however, I was bombarded with vague recollections of the most bizarre dream ever. The details are really fuzzy but the thing I definitely recall is that in my dream I was surrounded by my dead relatives. My daddy was there (he died 8 years ago), my paternal grandmother was there with my paternal grandfather (she died 11 years ago and he died the day after I found out I was pregnant with Skyla). The strangest thing was there was also an elderly looking native american man there that I had never seen before. I have the feeling that he was a representative of apparently an ancestor I never met.

It's highly suspected that there is native blood on my dad's side of the family because of the looks of my dad and aunt and others back through the blood line .. dark reddish skin, brown eyes, black straight hair, high cheek bones. I didn't inherit the dark skin and dark hair but with my long straight hair, brown eyes and cheekbones every time I have ever been on an indian reservation (which has been quite often) I have been asked what tribe I belong too.

There were others in the room (oh did I mention this all took place in my grandparent's home which is no longer there?) but I don't remember who they were. They didn't make much of an impression apparently. I remember feeling very happy to be surrounded by them all though, especially my dad and my granddad (who was my favorite grandparent). Then something happened and this is where my recollection gets all fuzzy. Somebody was falsely acused of wrong doing .. stealing I think .. not sure who was acused and it was a big ordeal and then the truth came out and then everything worked itself out. Now what in the world it all meant, I have not a clue!!! I really wish I did.

Everything I have been able to find out about dreaming of dead relatives appears to be mostly negative, they say it's a warning or it has to do with dealing with grief, or that it's just plain scary. For me, my dream didn't seem any of those things, I dealt with my grief along time ago, I don't think they were warning me of anything, and it was more puzzleing than scary. Something to make you go, "Hmmm...".

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Anonymous said...

not a comment about your post, but a comment to YOU!! LOL!
It's me The Other Stephanie!!! remember me!?!?!!
I had to go offline for a long while, mycomputer died, but I'm back online!!
I'd love to get back in touch with you!!!
And get updated on each other's lives!!!!