Thursday, June 16, 2005

I know it's been slow lately here

Please forgive me!!! It's been rough this past week. Skyla has been teeting and going through a huge growth spurt and we have all been strung out by it. Well except for Chip. He ofcourse hasn't noticed a thing. The screaming doesn't seem to bother him. Lucky him!

I am goingto be gone for a bit. My mother has been begging me to bring both kiddos down to Georgia and stay with herand my step father for a week or so, and I finally said yes! They are coming to get us this weekend.

I am very excited because while we are down there I am going to get to get together with 2 of my friends and their kids (they each have a 3 year old boy and one has a 1 year old girl and the other has a 2 week old girl). It's going to be soooo much fun.


Linda said...

I just came back from Georgia. It was so beautiful, I didn't want to come home. We have family there too!

Have a great trip and I hope to see pictures when you get back!

Kether said...

yes,teething sucks. it is very loud here with all the screaming.

hope skyla sprouts a tooth soon so ya'll can have some peace (and more blogging!)